Windermere Florida – Suburb of Orlando

Windermere is a beautiful city near Orlando, with perfect weather and lifestyle. Windermere is an awakened community in Orange County that’s close to all your favorite attractions; it offers residents easy access to shopping or dining out while still offering plenty within walking distance from home, such as parks where you can spend time outside enjoying nature’s beauty.

This small town has everything you need to live an easygoing lifestyle. From great schools and career opportunities, it’s no wonder that Windermere is among the best places in Florida. Besides, it’s among the best suburbs with a population of about 3497 people, and it has an excellent average house price.

What’s not to love about living in a community where you can enjoy the benefits of city life with easy access yet still have your privacy? The Windermere area offers that perfect balance between rural and suburban. You’ll find open spaces on one side while being just minutes away from all amenities through metro-commute or car travel.

Living in the city of Windermere you’ll have the feeling of living in a sparse suburban area. Most residents own their homes, and most people here work hard for what they have achieved today.

The people of Windermere are some pretty chilled-out folks. These individuals tend to be more conservative like most other communities around here, but that’s just the way it goes in this part. The schools here get high ratings from parents for academic excellence, so there must be something going right if you live here.

There are several top public schools serving the Windermere community, including Orlando Science Middle/High Charter School, Windermere High School, Olympia High School, Lake Whitney Elementary School, and West Orange High School.

In the Windermere neighborhood, you’ll find a population that is predominantly white collar. With 94% of the workforce employed in these types of jobs, it’s no surprise this town has one corporate headquarters after another. From managers and professionals to sales representatives, there are plenty living here whose work keeps them on their feet throughout each day at home with kids running around outside.

Windermere is a highly sought-after community for its high average annual household incomes, which sit at $202,575 per year. This means that the individuals residing in this area make more than most others across America – and have access to some great amenities too.

Windermere has a lot going for it. With good schools and low crime, this community also features college-educated neighbors who support education because they themselves had great experiences in their own towns as well. And with mostly single-family homes available here, too – there’s no shortage of space to raise your children safely outside busy city centers.

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