Universal Volcano Bay in Orlando

The beautiful Universal’s Volcano Bay™ water theme park is a haven for those who want to live life in relaxation and peace. From the carefree attitude of Waturi islanders, this all-new resort has embraced its oceanside location with both arms–thrills are also available here if you’re looking.

Universal’s Volcano Bay is the perfect place for those who are looking to have some fun in an aquatic setting. This theme park offers plenty of attractions that will keep you and your family smiling from start to finish. From water slides, pools with swim-up bars, or restaurants onsite – there really isn’t anything this bay doesn’t offer when it comes down to entertainment value (and price).

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a paradise for those individuals who like to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. You can find winding rivers, wave pools—and lounge chairs! It doesn’t get any chiller than this South Seas oasis with its very own volcano as your backdrop (nothing says “oasis” better).

Your ticket to adventures and relaxation awaits you at Volcano Bay, a picturesque view of the lagoon with water rushing down its slopes. Join other guests in exploring this amazing park for days or hours on end as you make memories that will last forever.

Spend your day in paradise with a group of friends when you rent private cabanas at Universal’s Volcano Bay in the city of Orlando. It will feel like the lucky winner has won his or her very own oasis, complete with extra-comfy seating and amenities galore! You can order anything from delicious food to refreshing drinks straight onto this gorgeous retreat before taking off for some fun activities on land – but be careful not to get stuck without enough sunscreen because there are no shaded areas around these beauties.

The Single Cabana Unit is a great option for those individuals looking to spend some time by themselves. The upper-level cabanas offer spectacular views and the ground-floor units are just steps away from all amenities, so you can relish your stay without interruption. You’ll have privacy in one of their standalone cottages too.

Family Suite Cabanas will put your family in the lap of luxury with an amazing private cabana. You’ll never feel more like a king than when you and your friends are lounging in one of these private cabanas. With room for up to 16 people, it’s the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. 

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