Treasure Coast Model Railroad in Port St Lucie Florida

The Treasure Coast Model Railroad was founded in the late 1900s and features intricately designed layouts that would make any train enthusiast drool with envy. Indoor model trains are a thing of the past, but you can still find intricate designs on display at this museum.


The three lines and over 13 scale miles of track, close to 100 turnouts in total; a dozen control panels with mile upon mile worth of wiring – The Treasure Coast Model Railroad is quite possibly one the most impressive model railroads you will find anywhere.


The Treasure Coast Model Railroad of Port Saint Lucie Florida is an amazing HO scale model of the transition era between steam and diesel power for U.S railroads, from World War II through the 1970s.


Tours of the model train are available for enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about this unique piece. It’s HO scale, so you can enjoy it at home with friends or family members who might not know much about trains.


The Treasure Coast Model Railroad is like no other. It has two major freight yards, several industrial complexes, and even a city passenger station. The trains run through three different cities on this extensive layout of land that’s perfect for all your modeling needs – there are lakes, too, so you can practice fishing while waiting in line at one of those busy intersections.


The Treasure Coast Model Railroad has caused quite a stir with its scavenger hunt for kids. Fictional character figures (such as Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek) are hiding throughout this incredible layout, making it a perfect way to bring families together.


The layout of the Treasure Coast Model Railroad Club is constantly changing, and you may have a chance to see trains operating or scenery being sculpted when visiting. However, if not- don’t worry because admissions are free. But donations are accepted graciously; any amount helps make this club possible, so please give what you can afford.


The Treasure Coast Model Railroad is a must-see for any train enthusiast. You will be able to explore its many displays depicting different scenes from around the world and learn about how these models were made with such intricate detail, all while having some fun in rainy or cold weather.


You’ll be able to spend an hour or two of your time looking at the striking exhibits featuring diverse scenes that include historic coal mines, a freight harbor, bustling cities, quaint towns, and nature backdrops like mountains, lakes deserts when you visit the Treasure Coast Model Railroad.

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