Spruce Bluff Preserve in Port St Lucie Florida

The story of Spruce Bluff Preserve is one that has been hidden in plain sight for years. The 97 acres are a rare gem between houses off Southend Boulevard along the North Fork and provide an opportunity to take scenic boat rides or just enjoy nature from your own backyard without leaving home.


History doesn’t always have a place in the suburbs. This 97-acre preserve is home to ancient Florida forest, riverbank habitat for wildlife, and hiding spots that date back centuries ago when natives used them as secret refuges from Spanish settlers who wanted nothing more than their land – all before your very eyes.


The Spruce Bluff Preserve is a hidden gem in the heart of Port St Lucie, Florida. For those individuals who have not yet seen it, this preserve will make you fall head over heels with its two self-guided interpretive trails that teach us about how the land was used before by both tribes and pioneers alike.


Hikes at Spruce Bluff Preserve offer the chance for some serious meditation, with hikes that cover both historic pioneer graves and an ancient Native American mound.


Spruce Bluff Preserve is the perfect place to take it easy and enjoy some Indian history. The Ais Indian trail winds its way through dense forest, over bridges that were once used by Native Americans 2 thousand years ago when they traveled between villages on this land as well-established communities with their own laws; then finally culminates at an 18-foot-tall mound where you can see what looks like someone’s nest sitting high atop of all those trees.


What’s worse than spending a day indoors? Spending the whole weekend inside. Don’t let your social life suffer by missing out on all this great outdoors has to offer. Head down to Spruce Bluff Preserve, where you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing adventure without even leaving home, thanks in large part because of how stunningly beautiful it is, and then come back here for some fresh air once we’re done with our adventure together – who knows when another one will happen again?!


The Spruce Bluff Preserve is a historic spot for natural history lovers. Its facilities offer the perfect environment to explore both modern and ancient Indian mound sites, as well as an observation area with scenic views of Lake Michigan from atop one hill or another.


For those who individuals enjoy spending time outside by inhaling fresh air while they’re here – there are ample opportunities, including hiking trails that lead all over this expansive parkland (a little goes miles). And if you need some company on your adventure? Then just bring along friends/family members because everyone will love exploring these incredible preserve spaces together.


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