River Park Marina in Port St Lucie Florida

Located on 12 acres of land, River Park Marina is the perfect destination to go when you are eyeing an island getaway with all your loved ones. Not only does it offer boat rentals, but there are also several other facilities that can make this day even more memorable.


With its beautiful views of the St Lucie River and ample fishing trails, this park is perfect for those individuals who love to explore nature on their own terms. The paddle boat ramp makes it easy if you want hands-on fun with your outdoor adventures. With its fishing trails and paddle boat ramp, this beautiful park offers a perfect location for quality time with your family or friends while enjoying some peace near the water’s edge.


What’s not to love about a spot surrounded by nature? If you’re eyeing an idyllic destination, look no further than River Park Marina. With picnic tables and pavilions perfect for family getaways as well as fishing opportunities galore (and some awesome boat ramps), this is one place I know we can all enjoy.


The Port St. Lucie River Park Marina is dedicated to serving all of its customers, but if you’re seeking a little extra help getting on board or off your boat, then we’ve got just the thing. Its 1 handicap parking space means that anyone can enjoy using their facility no matter how many limbs are too many pages long (or wide).


The serenity at River Park Marina, in the city of Port St Lucie, FL, is unmatched. One can escape from their busy schedule and enjoy the calm waters of this picturesque location, which also offers you access to many activities around town, such as shopping or dinner out on a boat with friends.


It’s time for you to get away from it all and spend some quality one-on-one bonding with yourself. The River Park Marina is a gorgeous place where families can go on vacation or have fun events such as fishing trips in their private boat basin. With so many activities available within walking distance of our location (including restaurants), we’re sure there will be something fun waiting just around every corner.


This scenic spot on the river is perfect for family-friendly activities like fishing, camping, or just jumping in when there are no waves. The amenities here include boat ramps so you can access your vessel with ease; however, it may not be feasible to bring along large boats because of depth restrictions at certain spots near the shoreline, which makes River Park Marina more suitable as an excursion destination.

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