The Riverwalk Boardwalk in Port St Lucie

The Riverwalk Boardwalk is the perfect place to escape from life’s daily hustle and bustle. It has an innocent charm that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated – ready for whatever lies ahead.


The Riverwalk Boardwalk in Port St Lucie, Florida is an excellent place to observe Florida’s wetlands and rivers. It stretches several feet from Tom Hooper Park (behind Walgreen’s at Port St Lucie Boulevard) to the boat ramps and pavilion by Veteran Memorial Park at Rivergate, where you can take in all that it has on offer, including two paths leading through hundreds of feet’s wooded mangroves with 10-foot-wide boardwalks making for great views.


The St Lucie River is a beautiful place to explore in Florida. Along this path, you can find all sorts of creatures and birds, as well as take some time out for yourself. The boardwalk has been nicely maintained so that it’s easy walking with open spaces on both sides even though there are trees nearby providing shade when needed or wanted while enjoying views overlooking wetland wildlife up close without any cars distractions below you; either way, make sure not miss seeing anything because once you leave your side, they might be gone.


The famous Riverwalk Boardwalk is a must-see for all visitors to the area. This long (we’re talking 2,453 feet) boardwalk stretches above St. Lucie River from Tom Hooper Park towards Veterans Park at Rivergate with its recycled materials and boasts solar lights, which make it an attractive destination even during dark hours of the evening when other attractions close down.


Visitors to the Riverwalk can enjoy a scenic, picturesque walk on this boardwalk that provides them with spectacular views and an excellent vantage point for observing wildlife.


The Riverwalk Boardwalk is the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon with friends and family. You can find multiple types of fish, as well as turtles or manatees just waiting for their next catch. Anglers love setting up shop here on these long stretches that offer fantastic views while they reel in some big ones (or three).


This beautiful, serene boardwalk offers stunning views of the St Lucie River. It’s perfect for family walks or dates. You can experience it all year round because there are several access points along its length to provide you with opportunities to do more fun activities like fishing in addition to an independent one if preferred – just listen carefully when boats call out their passengers’ names from upstream docker riverfront.


There is always something for everyone as you walk or run across this beautiful path. You can enjoy fishing in one spot and then go off exploring before coming back with some freshly caught fish, just like your own personal aquarium. If running isn’t quite scenic enough, but you still want an activity that’s going to be good exercise – try out kayaking around these parts; it’s sure not uncommon at all finding wildlife visiting alongside its natural surroundings.

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