Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens

When you think of a perfect day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, I know their answer is “a beautiful garden.” That’s why there are so many incredible gardens in this world. However, for me, it has always been about something more than just an attractive space filled with flowers and plants; It needs character too. In Port Saint Lucie, the Botanical Gardens offers visitors not only breathtaking views but also provides them opportunities galore, including educational programs on local flora & fauna as well as guided tours through their extensive museum collection.


The beauty of Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens is something that can’t be found anywhere else in this city, and it’s worth going out just for its beautiful scenery. The lush green trees provide shade from the hot summer sun while giving visitors peacefulness as they walk through 20 acres worth of amazing plants with flowers blooming everywhere you look-including during Christmas time when everything turns colorful under artificial light fixtures hanging over our paths between sections where people sit bonding over enabled by nature’s sounds around them enjoying quiet moments together without distractions.


Whether you’re eyeing a place to take the kids or an escape from life’s hustle and bustles, there is no better destination than Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens. Centered around one spectacular lake (with its own spouting fountain), this botanical garden provides visitors with such serenity that they’ll want nothing more than sit cross-legged on their bench seats in order to enjoy all these exquisite floral scents fully before them.


This beautiful garden is a veritable paradise for nature lovers and plant enthusiasts alike, with multiple gardens that host an array of unique species from across the world – including ones specifically devoted to butterflies.


The multiple gardens at Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens promise a lush and lovely escape for the whole family alike. With bamboo forests, rose fields filled with perfume, or even butterfly oases, there is something here to suit every taste from those who prefer their flowers large enough as delicate little thistles.


Visitors to the picturesque Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens will be captivated by luscious landscapes and fabulous creatures like dart frogs, mockingbirds, great blue herons, or gopher tortoises. Visitors should pack a camera for their visit as well as comfortable shoes, which can make walking along trails more enjoyable. You can also take walks along Riverwalk Boardwalk if it’s far enough away from town.

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