Paleo Hammock Preserve in Port St Lucie Florida

Paleo Hammock Preserve is a spectacular nature preserve and archeological site. With over 80 acres, you’re sure to find your perfect spot for hiking or camping with friends.


The Paleo Hammock Preserve is a haven for nature lovers and curious passersby. The peaceful environment provides the perfect setting to relax or breathe fresh air while teaching guests about sustainability efforts like recycling chicory stems into coffee grounds.


There’s also depression marsh and basin swamp, which provide an ideal environment, perfect enough so you can enjoy your time under them without feeling too pressed against by development.


Take a dip in the hammock and enjoy nature at its finest. The Paleo Hammock Preserve is home to many types of animals, including deer, turkey—even ibises, and herons. You’ll also find barred owls regularly throughout this 1-mile self-guided interpretive trail that leads through our natural preserve’s thickets skirts with beautiful flowers blooming all around you while flycatchers sing their songs overhead, capturing every detail for future generations before they too disappear into obscurity.


The Paleo Hammock Preserve is an absolutely stunning nature preserve in Port St Lucie. It’s the perfect destination for your next vacation with friends or family.


When you and your travel buddies head to Port St Lucie, be sure not to miss out on the Paleo Hammock Preserve. There are tons of amazing things that can happen in this magnificent nature preserve, such as enjoying a picnic or taking scenic hikes with all sorts of wildlife around.


You know those moments when you’re just sitting back, relaxing, and letting your mind wander? If so, then this place has what it takes to keep them going for hours. The Paleo Hammock Preserve offers an experience like no other, with miles of pristine nature that will provide the perfect background noise or scenery while they’re lounging around doing nothing.


The Paleo Hammock Preserve is more than just a pretty landscape. It’s home to many animals and insects, as well. Here you’ll find mile-long trails that wind through picturesque scenery with diverse landscapes like old Hickory Forest (a subtropical hammock), Florida elm trees, live oak – which can live up to 100 years or more. If hiking isn’t your thing but exploring nature brings out an explorer in anyone, then make sure to stop by The Paleo Hammock Preserve for some awe-inspiring views.


Boasting a tranquil and serene atmosphere, this preserve provides visitors with ample opportunities to enjoy nature. From hiking along trails or taking photos of the varying wildlife that call it home–you’re sure not going to be disappointed.

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