Orlando VA Medical Center

The Orlando VA Medical Center is a major player in the healthcare industry, with its 1.2 million square feet of space to serve veterans across Central Florida. It provides acute care for those who need it as well as complex specialty services that can’t be found anywhere else! This campus also houses an important National Simulation Center where SimLEARN trains employees from all over America on how they should conduct themselves during emergency situations at home too.

The Orlando VA Medical Center is a modern, state-of-the-art facility that provides care for veterans across Florida. It serves over 400,000 veterans and has many different types of services, including acute medical needs as well as complex specialty treatments.

Orlando VA Medical Center is a top-tier health care provider with so much to offer. Services include mental, dental and vision cares as well as specialties such as neurology or nutrition counseling for whatever your needs may be.

The Orlando VA Medical Center is working with the UCF College of Medicine to provide veterans and their families state-of healthcare services from both sides: as an empathetic enterprise, they’ll be able to offer patients opportunities that fit into their everyday life; while also providing you continuous care through partnerships at Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) and Florida Hospital Network.

The VA Medical Center in the city of Orlando is part of an extensive 650-acre health park known as Lake Nona Medical City, which houses many different types of medical practices, including acute care hospitals for surgery or emergency room treatments; specialty clinics devoted specifically to cancer treatment, among other things like dermatology visits – all within one complex.

The Orlando VA Medical Center’s patient ambassador program is designed to assist veterans in need. The employees in this center go out of their way every day, making sure that those individuals who have served our nation are taken care of by someone suitable and knowledgeable about what they may be enduring or how we can help them feel better when it comes time for surgery/checkup, etc.

The patient ambassadors are a group of dedicated professionals who, through teamwork and compassion, provide top-notch customer service to veterans.

This VA Medical Center is among the most glamorous hospitals in all of Florida. The hospital offers free parking and wheelchairs available for patients who need them to access the building, and its campus has an impressively beautiful layout that makes it easy to navigate around. 

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