Lake Nona

At approximately 17 square miles in size, Lake Nona is a mixed-use planned community located inside the city boundaries of Orlando, to the southeast of Orlando International Airport. The Lake Nona Region, which is being developed by Lake Nona Property Holdings (which is owned by Tavistock Group), is home to the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.

The village is named after a huge lake that may be found in the northern part of the area.

In addition to the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Lake Nona Medical City is home to several other centers for biomedical research and education (such as the University of Central Florida College of Nursing, which will be relocated there in the near future, and the University of Central Florida College of Dental Medicine, which will be added in the near future). Additionally, there are a number of other private, public, and educational medical facilities in the surrounding area.

The population of Lake Nona has increased from less than 1,500 individuals in 2000 to more than 50,000 people today. A portion of the population growth can be attributed to immigration from Puerto Rico during the Puerto Rican crisis of 2015 and subsequent years.

Lake Nona High School, Lake Nona Middle School, Northlake Park Elementary School, and Laureate Park Elementary School are among the educational options available in the community.

Lake Nona is officially divided into four neighborhoods in Orlando, FL. These are Lake Nona Central, which includes VillageWalk at Lake Nona; Lake Nona Estates, which includes the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, and Lake Nona South, which includes the Medical City and Laureate Park residential developments; and Northlake Park at Lake Nona, which includes the separate developments of Morningside at Lake Nona and Waters Edge at Lake Nona.

Education Village (formerly known as Narcoossee Groves) is a fifth community that is located outside of the original boundaries of Lake Nona. The Lake Nona Campus of Valencia College, as well as Lake Nona High School, are both located in this area.

One of the so-called “vertiports” operated by the German aviation business Lilium is slated to open at Lake Nona. Currently, the company is developing 6-seater electric air taxis with the capability of vertical takeoff and landing. The Lake Nona vertiport will allow futuristic air taxis to land and take off. It will have two landing pads and eight gates for aircraft charging, and it will be the first of its kind in the world.

In addition to being able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, the vertiport will have architecture that is consistent with the surrounding Lake Nona businesses.

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