Oak Hammock Park in Port St Lucie Florida

Oak Hammock Park is a hidden gem in the city of Port St. Lucie, and it shouldn’t be missed. The two meandering loop trails at this popular waterfront park will take you through a sliver of natural habitats that are sure to please any nature lover with their beauty or maybe just some peace from the noise pollution city life provides us all too often nowadays.


The gently rolling landscape of Oak Hammock Park is perfect for a picnic or sunbathing. The banks are lined with trees, providing plenty of shade and shelter from the hot summer sun rays that penetrate through thinning clouds above you as if they were meant just for this spot.


The oaks that line this park are some of the most impressive I’ve seen, with their thick grasping roots and wide canopy coverage. It makes you feel as if they could reach out to envelop you in their shade at any moment


Buried beneath an ocean’s worth (or more) development lies one small gem: Oak Hammock Park. The dense hammocks here should not be missed, thanks to its many live oak trees and rich soil made perfect for growing Florida’s iconic palm tree crops, such as coconuts or oranges, whichever way around it may turn out during the wet season.


The centuries-old oak hammocks, and their deep shade, are a strong counterpoint to the surrounding manicured lawns and water management canals. The peaceful serenity that these ancient trees offer in their midst lends credence not only to our presence here today, but also all those who visit will enjoy this natural resource just as much if not more than us.


The kids will love the playground, but if you want to enjoy some alone time in nature, go ahead and take advantage of our shady Oak Hammock Park. It has lush fern-filled hammocks as well! The forest is nearby where there’s also an ancient midden waiting for discovery by those adventurous enough (or little) children can explore it on foot too.


The picturesque Oak Hammock Park is the perfect destination if you’re eyeing an outdoor date with your sweetheart. It offers two fishing piers, a postcard-perfect butterfly garden, and a fenced playground that is great amenities when visiting children aged 2–12, as well.


Oak Hammock Park is a gorgeous place for couples to enjoy an unforgettable bonding experience. Whether you’re looking into fishing or sitting down with your loved one to watch the sunset, there are plenty of ways that this park will strengthen any relationship! You can also do activities like hiking and biking, which allow two people (or even more!) from different backgrounds to get together in nature’s beauty rather than just being alone at home all day long.

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