Meadow Woods

Meadow Woods is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Orlando, Florida, United States. Despite the fact that Meadow Woods has a typical real estate price of $334,616, it is more costly than 60.4 percent of Florida neighborhoods and 62.2 percent of all areas in the United States.

Meadow Woods has an average rental price of $2,022 per month at the moment. The average rental cost in this community is higher than the average rental cost in 61.5 percent of Florida neighborhoods.

Meadow Woods real estate is mostly comprised of single-family homes ranging in size from medium (three or four bedrooms) to big (four, five, or more bedrooms), as well as apartment complexes and high-rise flats. The majority of residential real estate is occupied by a mix of owners and tenants, with the exception of a few vacant lots.

It is estimated that the Meadow Woods area has more people of Puerto Rican and South American origin residing there than any other community in the United States. In reality, 28.0 percent of the population of this neighborhood are of Puerto Rican heritage, and 12.6 percent are of South American ancestry, according to census data.

Approximately half of the residents of the Meadow Woods area in Orlando are middle-class, making it a moderate-income community. This community has a greater median household income than 59.7 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States. Childhood poverty is more prevalent in this community than in 67.8% of other neighborhoods in the United States, with 22.5 percent of the children living below the federal poverty line in this neighborhood.

If a community is dominated by enlisted military men rather than people who make their income from farming, the atmosphere is drastically different. It is also different if the majority of the neighbors are in the clerical or management fields. That there are so many different types of communities is excellent; you may choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and objectives from among them.

Approximately 31.0 percent of the working population in the Meadow Woods area is employed in sales and service jobs, which might range from managing significant accounts to working in fast food restaurants. A total of 27.7 percent of the residents work in the second most important occupational group in this neighborhood: executive, management, and professional occupations, which ranks second overall. Other members of this community are working in manufacturing and laborer jobs (21.7 percent), and 19.7 percent are worked in clerical, assistant, and technical support occupations (see below).

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