Dubsdread Golf Course in Orlando Florida

Dubsdread Golf Course is located just minutes from downtown Orlando, Florida. This 18-hole course features traditional play with an old-school charm that’s hard to beat.

You’ll be amazed at how different your game will feel after playing on this historic course. A trip to central Florida would not truly represent what America is all about if you missed outplaying one round of golf in particular – Dubsdread. The oldest public layout nearby, it features the perfect balance between tradition and innovation with its pristine condition greens that have been hand planted by professional greenkeepers specifically for our dyslexic guests who can’t tell their risking shots.

The Dubsdread Golf Course is a classic course with plenty of history attached to it. The former site for the Orlando Open, this location hosted such golf legends as Sam Snead and Ben Hogan when they played in competition here back during their eras.

The original course is known for its beautiful scenery and challenging greens. Today, golfers can enjoy the same experience with heavily bunkered fairways that make shot-range decisions difficult but are perfect challenges to test your skills on Dubsdread Golf Course.

The Dubsdread Golf Learning Center Academy Program teaches golf by using the Operation 36® Development Model. This plan aims to help you shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes with a focus on proper technique and strategy as well as how each part of your body moves during play- from lift-off through impact.

You should host your next outing at Dubsdread Golf Course. They’ll take care of all the needs you have and exceed them while staying on budget and delivering in time for a great day. Your players will get VIP service from start to finish with helpful concierge bag pickup & check-in as well as a friendly welcome upon arrival; it’s like they’re coming home after playing hooky (or not).

In case you’re new to the game of golf, then Dubsdread’s Tee It Up program is perfect for beginners. The Learning Center offers 4 levels that range from absolute beginner all way up to the experienced player with specific goals in mind – no matter what your level may be, we’ve got something just right. For those looking to improve upon their already impressive skill set or work on strategies specifically tailored towards achieving higher scores (i.e., competitive gamers), there are also our Operation 36 classes which provide an invaluable tutorial approach thanks largely due its hands-on focus on individual areas such as fitness and strength training among others; helping players reach peak performance during competition time. 

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