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Crayola Experience Orlando is a one-of-a-kind family attraction that only CRAYOLA can create. It’s where every child gets to enjoy hands-on, creative play and colorful fun. And their creations are wonderfully unique, just like them – no matter what they make or how it turns out, there will always be something new for everyone who visits this magical place in your town today.

Crayola Experience, in the city of Orlando, Florida, is a place where the creative, colorful magic of Crayons comes to life. With 70 thousand square feet devoted entirely to interactive and imaginative play, it’s no wonder that this Florida attraction has been deemed “the most exciting” by families from all over.

The world comes here not only because they’re looking forward to doing some great things together but also simply want their kids’ smiles fulfilled through exploration. What will you find at this center? Anything your heart desires- whether it’s staging battles between giants or creating masterpieces with mix tapes on.

Crayola’s 27 attractions are designed to engage and amaze families. You can spend 3-4 hours exploring its incredibly popular, interactive exhibits that feature games galore.

Crayola’s got you in their crosshairs with a whole bunch of new, innovative experiences. Whether it be getting your very own coloring page or embarking on an interactive 4D adventure as if life were actually 3-dimensional! You can’t go wrong, and there is always something different waiting just around the corner for those who take up the Crayola Experience variable (that would make sense).

Creativity is a key skill that can be taught, should be nurtured, and experienced. We believe creative kids grow up to become inspired adults. Here at Crayola Experience, they’re dedicated to this mission every day, so you don’t have any excuse not to make your child’s creativity shine through in their future success.

Crayola Experiences believes strongly about the power of creative skills, which lead them to be inspired individuals or even better-offs as well, mostly because they’ve been exposed widely using these amazing talents from early ages onwards.

Crayola Experience has the perfect solution to your fundraising needs. They can help you raise money for nonprofits like United Way, March of Dimes, and PTOs while also supporting thousands in need across America.

As a family-friendly theme park, Crayola Experience is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for all of our guests. They have designed the space so that it’s not just about fun and games but also creates lasting memories with your children or grandchildren as they create their own stories here in this colorful world. 

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