Casselberry Florida – Suburb of Orlando

The best suburbs to reside in Florida are often the most sought after, and Casselberry is no exception. With an estimated population of over 28 thousand people living there, you’re guaranteed a high-quality experience with all that it offers. Casselberry is just 14 miles from the city of Orlando, Florida.

Casselberry is an excellent community to reside in. The suburb has this dense suburban feel that makes it feel like you’re living in the middle of nature, even though there is plenty of development everywhere around us. This nice community has everything you need to live your life. There are several coffee shops and parks for all ages in this suburb – it really feels like home.

Several young professionals reside in the Casselberry community, and it’s clear they are committed to their community. Residents of this beautiful neighborhood have moderate political views, which can be seen through the low crime rates as well. The schools here also get high ratings from parents for being good quality vehicles that help kids reach graduation-ready status without much trouble or frustration along the way – what more could you want?

The best public schools serving the Casselberry community include Choices in Learning Charter School, Seminole Science Charter School, Crooms Academy of Information Technology, Audubon Park School, and Laureate Park Elementary School.

Casselberry is a community with an interesting demographic profile. The median age of the population here sits at 37.4 years old, and it’s made up largely of individuals who were born in this country (76.2%) as well as those living permanently or temporarily (16.71%). Besides, there are quite a few non-citizen residents (7.09%).

The Casselberry community is an ideal spot for those who want to be close enough so they can enjoy all Central Florida has to offer without being too far away from major highways. With easy access via US Hwy 17-92 and State Road 436 (which also happens to include I-4), residents will never find themselves stranded with no way home.

This is a beautiful neighborhood where both blue-collar and white-collar jobs coexist. Overall, the workforce here consists of sales representatives, office professionals, and service providers but not only that. Besides, there are several people residing in the Casselberry community who work in sales jobs, office and administrative support, and food service.

Casselberry is a diverse neighborhood where individuals belonging to various races and ethnic groups live. The greatest number of residents identify themselves as White, followed by Black or African American; other significant populations include Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Indian.

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