Bithlo is a rural community in the city of Orlando, Florida metropolitan area. Homes constructed between 2000 and present account for a greater part of the Bithlo neighborhood’s real estate landscape than 96.5 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States. When you are driving about this neighborhood, you will immediately realize that it is one of the newest constructed of any, with the fragrance of fresh paint and the appearance of new landscaping practically everywhere you look. In fact, 58.7 percent of the residential real estate in this area is considered to be recent construction.

If you’re searching for a wonderful community in which to raise a family, go no farther than the Bithlo neighborhood. As a result of the combination of high-quality public schools, above-average crime prevention, and a high rate of home ownership in mostly single-family houses, this area is ranked among the top 11.1 percent of family-friendly neighborhoods in the state of Florida.

Furthermore, because of the high proportion of other families with school-aged children that live in this neighborhood, it is simple for parents and their children to socialize and build a sense of community support. Furthermore, education is highly valued by the families in this area, as evidenced by the strength of the local schools, which is in part due to the high educational attainment of the parents in this area, who vote in favor of the public schools.

The neighbors in the Bithlo area in Orlando are upper-middle-class, making it a community with a higher than average socioeconomic status. With 14.7 percent of the children in this neighborhood living below the federal poverty line, this community has a greater rate of childhood poverty than 53.5 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States overall.

The English language is the most commonly spoken language in the Bithlo area, with 74.4 percent of households speaking it. Some folks are also fluent in Spanish (21.7 percent ).

Residents of the Bithlo area of Orlando, Florida, who identify as Puerto Rican are the most common ethnic group or ancestry group to be found (16.6 percent ). There are also a significant number of persons of Italian heritage (7.7 percent), residents with South American roots (6.4 percent), and some inhabitants with German ancestry (6.4 percent), as well as some residents with Irish ancestry (6.2 percent), among other groups. In addition, 12.2 percent of the people who live in this neighborhood were born in a different nation than their parents.

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