Bithlo Florida – Suburb of Orlando

There are fabulous areas to live in Florida, and among them is the city of Bithlo. This suburb, with its population of over 10,000 people, thrives on being close enough for you not to have an easy time getting anywhere without your own car or having public transportation available, which makes life so much easier.

The city of Bithlo has a suburban rural mix feel, with most residents owning their homes. There are many parks in the area, making it an ideal place for families to call home!

Whether you’re eyeing the perfect spot to build your dream home or just want something comfortable, living in Bithlo will make it all worthwhile. The neighborhood offers its residents an escape from big city life with plenty of parks and green space nearby as well.

This is a small yet vibrant community in Orange County, Florida. With its proximity to Orlando and Kissimmee, it makes for an ideal spot where you can find some peace with nature while being close enough if need be.

The people of Bithlo are generally moderate in their political views and tend not to be very vocal about it. This community has its fair share, but nonetheless, most residents would rather stay out on the radar than attract too much attention from others who might disagree with them. The schools here also have a fairly high rating which means that your children will grow up learning valuable skills for life alongside other kids just like you all over Florida’s coast region.

The best public schools serving the Bithlo neighborhood include Orlando Science Middle/High Charter School, Pinecrest Collegiate Academy Charter, Laureate Park Elementary School, Orlando Science Elementary Charter School, and Avalon Middle School.

The Bithlo neighborhood is a great community for college students, with its mix of safety from crime and easy access to public transport. It rates highly as one where you can live safely while attending school or working full time – perfect.

The Bithlo workforce is made up of many different types and levels, from white-collar workers, who make up 81.89%, to blue-collar employees at 18%. They’re also about 715 entrepreneurs in the area (13% of the area’s workforce). About 3 424 individuals in the Bithlo neighborhood are employed by private companies, while about 924 individuals work within government institutions.

The Bithlo community is an oasis for those individuals who are looking to make it big in the Florida area. With average household incomes that surpass $87K, there’s no shortage of success stories here.

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