Audubon Park Garden District in Orlando

The beautiful Audubon Park Garden District is a hidden gem in Orlando, Florida. The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of architecture that ranges from Victorian houses to modern apartments and everything between; it’s also home to many historic landmarks, and this area is also known as Audubon Park.

Audubon Park is among the best neighborhoods in Central Florida. It’s close to Winter Park, and downtown Orlando has beautiful natural attractions like Harry P Leu Gardens for you to enjoy while also being just 10 minutes from town. There are plenty of local businesses that offer food products made by their own neighbors, as well as East End Market, which provides an excellent community hub with all sorts of activities going on around it.

The Audubon Park Garden District has been one of the most well-deserved neighborhoods in Orlando for years now, and it’s finally catching up to itself, thanks to its Great American Main Street Award from 2016. This means that only 3 districts statewide have received this prestigious designation since 1995 – making Audubon Park an elite group indeed.

Orlando’s Audubon Park Garden District is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. What was once just the original neighborhood has grown into an exciting strip with sought-after dining, shopping, and nightlife options. And don’t forget about all of Leu Gardens’ beautiful flowers or East End Market’s quaint shops when you’re done exploring this great area – there are plenty more secrets waiting in each one, so make sure not to miss out on them by staying too long at one spot.

Harry P. Leu Gardens is a 50-acre botanical garden bursting with color and unusual greenery located on Audubon Park Garden District’s northwest edge, just minutes away from the downtown area. Take your time exploring this southern-style estate as you enjoy its many offerings, such as guided tours or running through giant bamboo stalks and hyper-manicured lawns camellias which bloom from October through March.

There’s a reason why East End Market is so popular in Audubon Park, and it has nothing to do with the dozen or so vendors. The food hall atmosphere provides visitors an immersive experience of discovering treasures from among these local chefs and craftsmen who make their living cooking up delicious dishes just for you.

Visit the Audubon Park Community Market every Monday night for a weekly gathering of neighbors, entrepreneurs, and artists. Shopping at this market is like putting your money into local hands with freshly picked produce or fully prepared meals available from some really great cooks. The event also features live music, so you can enjoy everything while it’s fresh – no need to wait until tomorrow when there are always new things on offer here anyway (and yes, they rent movies!). 

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