Ana G. Mendez University Metro Orlando Campus

Ana G. Mendez University is a university that strives for academic excellence, research, and service with social responsibility. This means they provide opportunities in the form of education to help others locally as well as globally.

Ana G. Mendez University – Metro Orlando Campus seeks to establish a strong academic foundation for its students, who are expected not only to pursue degrees but also to put their knowledge into practice by working as professionals in the surrounding community or abroad with an interest in global problems such as poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship development.

Dedicated to the education of students, Metro Orlando Campus has everything you need for your academic degree. With state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories that address today’s trends in health services careers, this institution offers 33 thousand square feet with smart technology. And if it isn’t at their facility yet? Its team is always working hard, so keep looking over here as they might have what you’re seeking.

Metro Orlando Campus also offers a variety of programs to help you enter the workforce ready for your new career. Whether it be in business, management, or strategic leadership, this college has something that will suit any student’s needs. They offer advanced programs in Business, Social Work, Psychology, Management, Strategic Leadership, Criminal Justice, Forensic Investigation, etc.

Metro Orlando Campus is energized by the City of Orlando’s growth and development. The highly qualified faculty are excited to be a part of laying down this foundation that will better in preparing students for success in today’s modern world as they face new challenges with technology on their side.

A university where the students are encouraged to be innovative and entrepreneurial, Ana G. Mendez University offers a flexible learning environment that promotes diversity in its programs through an emphasis on innovation for both international communities as well Hispanics alike; this allows individuals from all backgrounds have access into higher education without barriers or limitations.

You’ll love the flexible class hours, good teachers, and affordable tuition at this campus! You can also get help from career services or meet new friends in a positive environment while getting prepared for your future.

The campus has a team of experts who will make sure you’re prepared for the test and can take it with confidence. They also offer counseling and workshops on how to be successful in your field as well as other career options that would suit your future interest better. 

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