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Water Damage restoration heroes

Water Damage Restoration Heroes is a water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration company. We specialize in all kinds of damage restoration, including fire, flood, sewage backup, and storm damage, as well as the removal of toxic black mold.

Water Damage Restoration Heroes was founded in (2012) by Steven Jeffreys. Having seen how devastating it sometimes is for homeowners, families, and businesses whose homes or buildings have been damaged, we work to ensure they can restart their lives as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that families and businesses can return to their everyday lives and operations as quickly as possible following any form of home or building damage. So, in the event of any natural disaster such as a storm or flood damage, water leaks from pipes, sewage backup, fire outbreaks, smoke damage, or any other incident, we work to restore your home or building to its pre-damage conditions.


We have a team of professionals who do not only excel at their jobs but are passionate about seeing families and businesses restored to their homes and daily lives. Our team includes the best technicians and professionals in the industry.

They are well-trained at their jobs and work with the best technologies and tools to ensure a smooth and speedy home restoration process. They also handle your belongings responsibly and with care.


We understand that what sets us apart is our commitment to superior customer care, which is why we are never more than a phone call away during the entire restoration process. We make ourselves accessible not only throughout business hours but also outside of them, every time you need us.

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We are friendly, honest, and reliable. We deliver what we promise at affordable rates. Our quick response time saves you money because we will restore your home and belongings sooner than later. Our passion for excellent work exceeds all others in the industry. Beyond being passionate about our work, we are passionate about you and your family or business. We want to see you resume your everyday life and activity in the shortest possible time.

Our technicians are experienced, educated, and adequately trained to handle the restoration of your home or office with utmost care and efficiency. Plus, they work with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our Skills & Expertise


We offer a host of services aimed at restoring your home or office, piece by piece, if need be. Our services cover every aspect of a home or building restoration. These include but are not limited to water damage repair, dry out, water extraction service, carpet cleaning, mold removal and remediation, sewage cleanup, fire restoration, and smoke damage repair. Please visit our service page for more information.

With us as your trusted partner, you can be sure that every aspect of your restoration will be in the best hands.

Are you experiencing any form of water damage from floods, sewage backup, leaky pipes, or any other source?

Our highly-trained team of experts is waiting to help you determine how much water damage has been done to your property. We also offer water damage restoration services to help take your property back to its original healthy state.

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